Best Prime Strap and Pad System 2014

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Classic pad and strap combo, easy one handed adjustment

Design details

Be sure footed

*Micro adjustable wakestyle baseplate for perfect stance set-up *Suitable for inline and asymmetric insert systems *Padlock strap mounting system assembles in seconds without tools

The Prime pad/strap combo majors on adjustability and ease of use. With a single, Velcro strap closure the Prime can be adjusted with one hand while on the move. Designed to fit both inline and offset insert equipped twintips the Prime’s micro adjustable wakestyle baseplate gives you total control over stance offset angle to ensure you achieve the most comfortable fit.

The Padlock strap mounting system assembles and disassembles in seconds without tools, making it a breeze to swap your set-up between boards. For riders with larger feet who require the ability to adjust the centerline of their straps we’ve included for/aft adjustment in the Prime’s Padlock system to ensure they can achieve the perfect foot placement to maximize their board control and progression.

With a multi-density EVA foam footbed and anatomic comfort features the Prime combo will help you ride for longer and progress faster than you thought possible. Riders who value simplicity, demand adjustability and expect day long riding comfort have just found their next pad/strap combo. Ride the Prime pad/strap combo and be sure footed.