Best Extract Len 10 Kitesurfing Kite 2014

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The world’s most extreme kiter Ruben Lenten rides the world’s most extreme, high performance C-kite and now so can you.

Design details

Push the limits

Sizes: 6m, 7m, 9m, 11m, 13m

*Mega looping, huge jumping, jaw dropping, eye popping, extreme performance 4-line C-kite for riders with no limits. *Exclusive cuben fiber leading edge for unbelievable high wind stability and control. *Twister Tech equipped for amazing steering responsiveness *Bomb Proof Build to tackle any trick, any time in any conditions

Ruben has worked with the R&D team to create the Extract to allow him to push the limits of what is possible with a kite. It has been constructed with the most advanced materials technology available to allow him to perform the amazing mega loops, sick jumps and crazy stunts that he is so famous for. The thin profile of the Cuben Fiber LE delivers amazing upwind performance while its increased stiffness redefines flight stability. The Extract will give you the confidence to push harder with every trick. Responsive handling in all sizes even on the smallest bar comes as standard thanks to our Patented Twister Tech LE construction. The Extract is a mega loop and hang-time machine and now you can be too.

The C-kite platform of the Extract is built to deliver extreme jumping, looping and hangtime performance and it’s the most pure performance orientated C-kite you can fly. Because we know it will be used in extreme conditions we build it with our unique package of Bomb Proof construction features combining Canopy Framing Technology, 3D Kevlar Airframe, Load Flex Seam, New Needle Leading Edge, Hidden Bridle patches and more to ensure that it’s the toughest kite you can fly. It’s so tough that we guarantee every Extract for life.

Designed to work with our 4-Line Extract bar no other C-kite comes close to combining the performance, durability and safety features of the Extract. If you are looking for a kite to help you push the limits then you owe it to yourself to fly the Extract.

Bomb Proof Build Bomb Proof Build, quality,performance and durability that is guaranteed for life.

Cuben Fiber Equipped Less drag, more lift and insane stability.

Double Core RS Latest material technology: double ripstop for enhanced durability and tear strength.

Twister Tech Power-steering with tighter and faster turning for the ultimate mega-loops.

Designer’s Vision

It has been great to work on the Extract with Ruben. He’s amazingly committed to pushing the limits of what’s possible on a kite and as a designer that pushes me to deliver. By integrating Cuben Fiber and Twister Tech into a hardcore C-kite we’ve been able to unlock unbeatable looping and jumping performance and it’s built Bomb Proof to survive even the most extreme riding conditions.

Peter Stiewe