Best Extract Bar 2015

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Best build the Extract Bar together with Ruben Lenten so he is able to push kiting to the ultimate limits. The bar is designed to withstand any abuse in all conditions while providing the optimum of safety.

Design details

Push the limit

Sizes: 42cm, 47cm,

Sub 10 kg release pressure, one handed activation, maximum safety and resistance to false release

The original low friction bar insert system helps to eliminate center line wear no matter how hard you ride

Double thickness, 8 mm depower rope for extreme durability and performance

Fully adjustable depower system for hardcore riders who need complete control

Heady duty front lines, total reliability for extreme kiters who know no limits

It starts with the Quick Release system: No matter how strong the tension on your lines is, you will always be able to release the kite with one hand due to the sub 10 kg release pressure even on a 220 kg load. We made sure that the system is absolutely resistant to false releases so you can go as big as possible without ever worrying about your gear.

We equipped the bar with low friction inserts to eliminate center line wear. The fully adjustable depower system gives you complete control over your set up while a super tough 8 mm depower rope and heavy duty front lines handle your commitment. This bar is custom-made for those few hardcore riders who seek extreme action to push kiteboarding to the limits!