Axis Vanguard 2016 Kiteboard

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The 2016 Vanguard is a freestyle machine. This board wants to be pushed to the absolute limits. With its explosive pop, incredible tracking and smooth landings the Vanguard will deliver the utmost performance in all conditions and excels as you do.

Design details

Sizes: 133x41cm, 135x41.5cm, 137x42cm, 139x43cm, 141x44cm, 148x46cm


The 2016 Vanguard retains the outline, channels and rocker of the 2015 model, but AXIS have radically redesigned the profile with our new FAT Rail. Thick and rounded in the centre and tapering to fine tips, the FAT Rail gives a more stable, settled and balanced ride, while dramatically increasing the strength of the board. This board is fast, light, flexible, and is available in a vast array of dimensions so you can get the size that will feel as if it was custom made for you.

Compatible with pads/straps or boots the Vanguard will meet your freestyle demands and then some.

Kiteboard comes with:

  • 50mm Fins
  • Board Handle
  • Traction+ Pads & Straps