Axis Riwai 2016 Kite Surfboard

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The Riwai is AXIS’ specialist shape for anyone who does not live at the sideshore/crosshore turquoise firing surfbreak where you can see your kite through the clear lip while being barreled in the lovely tropical waters of never never land. That’s right, picture yourself making the most of small mushy onshore waves, surfing a lake, throwing down strapless airs, or racing sections for a bit of sideways slide hacks on small onshore mush!

Design details

Sizes: 5'4" X 19"


Built in the same tough oak construction as our Rakau collection, this little potato will stand up to the punishment of modern kitesurfing. The Riwai is suited for smaller waves up head height with good speed, loose turns, and is a great shape for throwing around on the wave or in the air.

Riwai comes with:

  • 4 Future F4 Fin Set
  • Surf Strap (x2)