Axis Patrol 2016 Kiteboard

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The 2016 AXIS Patrol has been given an eye popping splash of yellow, but retains the proven construction and design details of its predecessors. Light, strong, snappy and ready to pop in the lightest conditions.

Design details

Sizes: 144x45cm, 148x47cm


The 2016 Patrol is designed specifically for light wind conditions and comes in two sizes for riders of varying weight. The Patrol has a flatter shape and less complicated bottom concave creating a faster board with less drag. Don’t buy a bigger kite before you have tried this lightwind specific board.

Incredibly maneuverable, the Patrol has an increased surface area giving the rider quicker planing, more power from the kite and makes freestyle riding possible even in light winds. These characteristics also make the board popular on the twin tip race circuit.

Enjoy the flat, butter smooth uncrowded water all to yourself. Make the most of every day kiting with the 2016 AXIS Patrol.

Kiteboard comes with:

  • 50mm Fins
  • Board Handle
  • STD Pads & Straps