Axis Division 2017 Kiteboard

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The 2017 Axis Division is a kite board for everyone, from early intermediate to shredders on boots. Axis have also added a 140×43 which should become a favorite among riders who want to play with boots or straps on the same board, as well as bigger riders or lighter winds.

Design details

Sizes: 133x40cm, 135x41cm, 138x42cm, 140x43cm

PROGRAM: Freeride/freestyle big air booster and freestyler

The 2017 Axis Division has a straighter outline in the middle and is more curved in the tips making it smooth and stable, instantly comfortable, and a blast to use. For 2017 Axis have laser cut the tip and shape them individually creating a better definition, while managing a construction process that is unique, strong and high performing.

The bottom shape is less complicated than some of our more aggressive freestyle models but still provides a good grip. In addition, the new rocker line allows the Axis Division to glide over the water, which, coupled with the bottom shape, reduces the drag of the board, makes it faster, provides more upwind ability, and makes for some smooth, solid landings.

Kiteboard comes with:

  • 50mm Fins
  • Board Handle
  • Traction STD Pads & Straps