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    Airush Ultra Bar V2

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Airush Ultra Bar V2

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The new Airush Ultra Bar delivers a control system that is extremely simple, versatile, and lightweight for the advanced kite riders in mind.

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  • Simple and clutter free control system.
  • 24cm micro chicken loop.
  • Largest amount of de-power travel in the control bar range.

By removing the trim system, the Ultra Bar removes the ability to trim on demand, but it opens the doors to many other features while riding. With the elimination of the bulky straps or cleats, the depower line is completely clean where riders can utilize the full extension of their arm for the maximum amount of range they wish.

Found on the Brain 3.0 quick release for the Ultra Bar, the 24cm micro chicken loop brings the entire bar closer to the riders’ body, making it perfect for surf and foil rider performance, who need the majority of the depower line available on the Ultra Bar.

Removing the trim strap greatly reduces the clutter throughout the Ultra Bar, making it a unique system used by intermediate to advanced kiteboarders.

24m Total = 1m Leader Lines + 23m Lower lines.


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Tech specs

An industry standard Brain quick release and color-coding on all parts makes the Airush system perfect and hassle free for all riders. The Brain 3.0 is a redesigned below-the-bar swivel making it extremely easy to grip and untwist the LOW-Y front flying lines while riding or stationary.

The Modus 2.0 Bar End creates an extremely streamlined bar, with the recessed screw you can easily customize the bar setup with 10cm of width adjustment, to meet the needs of turning speed and response.
An updated bombproof stainless steel insert is covered in nylon to allow quick and easy adjustment even when not adjusted for long periods. A soft EVA molded outer shell adds protection for the bar, rider, and equipment.

21mm diameter
The Core Bar features a narrow 21mm Diameter grip for all-round comfort, while the AP and Access bar feature a 19mm Ultra Narrow Diameter Grip, which is ideal for smaller hands or for riders looking to do constant handle passes.

Making Airush one of a kind, the Core bar features a truly unique system. The Modus 2.0 extendable bar end enables adjustments from 50cm to 60cm with a simple and reliable Allen Key adjustment.

Featured on all Airush bars, the Airush sliding stopper is easy yet a safe stopper system for riders. When the stopper is in use, the bar can rest to reduce fatigue while riding long periods of time. The Airush stopper will not function in over-powering conditions for safety reasons.

The new leash attachment found on all Airush bars makes riding in freeride or suicide mode a breeze. With the additional ring, riders can easily attach and detach their leash while in suicide mode. Those who ride in suicide mode should be aware of the risks as the kite will not be able to power down when riding unhooked.