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    Airush Team Foil Board 2020
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Airush Team Foil Board 2020

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If you’re looking for a compact carbon solution, the 2020 Airush Team Foil board is an extremely fun and skatey board for advanced freeride users riding strapped or strapless.

Design details

SIZE: 4'9" (145CM) | 18.5" (47CM) | 2.1" (5.3CM) | 23.5L

  • Compact foil board for riding with or without straps.
  • Ultra light & durable Carbon Innegra construction.
  • Concave deck with beveled rails and convex nose.

The refined bottom shape features bevel rails in the tail with a release edge merging to the convex nose bottom shape for soft touch downs at any angle. Configuration for footstraps can be set as a three-strap setup with offset front straps or with a single front strap.

Carbon Innegra top deck & biaxial carbon bottom.
Tough sandwich layer top deck & bottom.
Unpainted rail for increased durability.


This lightweight performance foil-specific construction is achieved by CNC cutting a medium weight EPS core and sandwiching it with bamboo. Featuring a durable Carbon Innegra top deck, and stiff UD carbon fiber bottom deck with ultra light stainless foil inserts.


Medium Nose Rocker – Assists Getting Started
Flat Center Rocker – Increased Surface Area
Low Tail Rocker – Carving

Wide Nose – Optimized Stability On Touch Down
Central Wide Point – Easy Release
Narrow Tail – Aggressive Windward Edging

Intermediate Volume – Easy Starting In Low Wind
Chamfered Rail – Effortless Tipping
Concave Top Deck – Lower Center Of Gravity
Convex Nose – Softer Touchdown At Any Angle


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