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    Airush One Progression 2021 Package
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Airush One Progression 2021 Package

From: £1,082.46

Kitesurf Package Includes: Airush One Progression kite 2021, Airush Progression control bar V3 2021, Pump, Airush Switch Progression kiteboard 2021, AK Boost Pads & Straps, Airush Team Harness.

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Beginners Kitesurf Package

A cutting edge entrance to the sport, and beyond. The One progression is brilliant in ligheter gusty winds, and later in your journey - foiling

Package Includes:

Airush One Progression kite 2021

SIZES: 8 / 9 / 10 / 12 / 14

The One is a lightweight single strut kite that has incredible relaunch capabilities. Made with lightweight components and durable D4 cloth, keeping the One surprisingly light in the air and forgiving at the bar. With a huge wind range the One is a fantastic kite for safe lightwind, and fast progression.

Airush Progression Control Bar V3 2021

Simplicity without compromising quality, the Progression Bar is the ideal companion. Easy to use, with a reliable Pull-Pull depower system, and built to industry safety and strength standards. Featuring 45cm-52cm adjustable bar ends, and IQR one handed release and reset system, allows it to be used on any 4 line Airush kite. Together with 24m flying lines (10m lower with 14m extensions), the Progression Bar complies with IKO and BKSA teaching standards with the Low Y on the center lines, allowing for a quick single line flag out.

Airush Switch Progression kiteboard 2021

Easy & comfortable freeride board

SIZES: 135x40 | 140x42 | 145x44

For all-around entry-level freeride, featuring a parallel outline and a refined and smooth flex pattern, combined with a flatter rocker for easy planing and amazing upwind ability. Constructed with an ABS rail to make sure that your board stays strong and can handle impact through the early stages of progression.

Airush Team Harness

The Airush Team Waist Harness features an ergonomically optimized 3D thermoformed internal cushioning. This, in conjunction with the Dual Adjustment Waist Belt, ensures the harness fits as snuggly as possible and can be fine-tuned to each individual rider’s requirements.