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    Airush Foil Skate v3
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Airush Foil Skate v3

£479.15 ex VAT (USD537.13)


Minimalist crossover low volume foil board. Ideal with fins when riding without a foil. Built in a bombproof twintip wood core construction.

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Design details

SIZES: 124x46 - 145x48

If you’re looking for a minimalist crossover solution, the Foil Skate offers a twintip style construction in a foil board shape. Sitting closer to the water compared to higher volume boards, makes it easier to get going if you’re used to riding twintips. The stiff wood core provides an incredibly stable ride and is extremely durable. The Foil Skate includes low drag foil inserts, and optional fin connections, giving you the choice of traditional skate style directional riding, when your foil isn’t connected.

Tech specs

Closed bottom M6 foil mounts – single side.
Durable cast PU side walls.
Low-drag foil specific upwind outline.

Foil Skate v3,124x46,ALL,3.8,,Directional,AK FOOTSTRAP ETHER BLACK - OEM SET OF 2 (screws: 4x pan head M6x16)
Foil Skate v3,145x48,ALL,4.2,,Directional,AK FOOTSTRAP ETHER BLACK - OEM SET OF 2 (screws: 4x pan head M6x16) 2 x 100mm AK GFN surf + 2 x 85mm AK GFN Surf (screws: 12x pan head M6x25)