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    Airush DNA & Vox 2016 Package
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Airush DNA & Vox 2016 Package

From: £907.47

Airush DNA & Vox 2016 Package - A package featuring all the technology of the mainstream range that brings the performance but also a great deal of ease to the first time kiteboarder. Build quality, refinement, multidiscipline ability and direct handling that will see riders progress at unprecedented speed without limiting progress when entering more advanced levels of riding.

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The DNA - Vox Package. Entry to the sport without longer term compromise.

Package Includes:

  • Airush DNA 2016 Kite
  • Airush Progression Bar 2016
  • Airush Pump
  • Airush Vox 2016 Kiteboard


Kite Sizes: 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m

Is a very similar kite to our Lithium kite - voted one of the worlds best freeride kites. It's high performance but very easy to use. A little more power in the DNA and a little more stability with a few less bells and whistles to keep the costs down it's a kite that many experts buy when they are on a budget! For the beginner it's excellent, and is one of the most popular teaching kites in the world, not because of it's price but because of it's suitability, build, performance and ease of resale.

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The Vox

Board Sizes: 135x40cm, 140x42cm, 145x44cm

Comes out of a new higher quality factory in 2016 and has the longer thinner planshape that makes life easy for the first time kiteboarder. All the finishing touches and fittings of the mainstream boards with bespoke footpads that will take larger boots and offers the best plug and play abilities in the range. Nothing else in the Airush twin tip lineup will get you up and riding so quickly.

Find out more about the Airush Vox Kiteboard 2016

The Progression bar

Is the Package's control bar for the kite. This bar has been finely honed over 6 years now and has a reliable and versatile reputation. Suitable on all kites from 6-14m2 with an adjustment mechanism for the rear line position it has a tried and tested safety system call the "brain" that has proven highly effective in schools and private hands year after year. It's all compartmentalised should anything need replacing and offers the best geometry for all kites in the Airush range.