Airush Razor 2018 Review

Looking for the ultimate freestyle kite to perfect that 315 you’ve been working on? This is the kite for you! The Razor is a nimble, grunty, freestyle ninja that excels in the Unhooked Wakestyle Category of Kiteboarding. From our testing, we’ve found that the Razor is an aggressive, power hungry kite that isn’t for the faint hearted. The construction of the kite is really solid this year, with Airush using their Technoforce D2 to stiffen the canopy up, in turn creating more pop than previous year kites.
The addition of the 5th Line is also a benefit to this kite, in-turn meaning the Leading Edge can be thinner. This 5th Line creates a really stable platform for riders to start unhooking and going bigger than ever before. From our testing, we can vouch for this stability, and it even comes in handy in the higher winds!
The bar pressure on the kite is tuned perfectly to get the right amount of bar feel, while keeping it a kite that flies around the wind window quickly. As well as having an insane amount of pop, thanks to the Dyneema Loadframe, the kite is also super responsive, too!
For anyone wondering about the relaunch on the Razor, it’s not as bad as you may think, especially for a C-Kite. Thanks to an exposed 5th Line in the Bar setup, the kite is easily relaunchable by pulling on the 5th Line, and using the Steering Line to then get the wingtip up. This can be easily done in the same amount of time it would take you to relaunch a standard kite!
In conclusion, we love the Razor. For anyone looking for a hardcore kite to ride boots and do freestyle in, this is the one! With quick and nimble handling, as well as pop that will send you to the moon and back, the Razor is the place to look.
For demos on the kite, as well as any more information, give us a call on 01202 763675.


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