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NeilPryde Matrix 35 SDM Windsurf Mast 2012

NeilPryde Matrix 35 SDM Windsurf Mast 2012


NeilPryde Matrix 35 SDM Windsurf Mast 2012
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NeilPryde Matrix 35 SDM Windsurf Mast 2012

With a 35% carbon content and filament winding construction the X35 offers affordable performance. During the filament winding process the mast yarns are laid on a mandrel at different angles between various layers. Each particular mast size will have specific angles and numbers of layers to ensure the perfect bend curve and masts performance. The filament winding construction is highly durable due to loading distribution from end to end being even, leaving no stress points on the mast. With the bend curve optimised to work best with all NeilPryde sails, X35 offers great value for money.


NeilPryde Windsurf Masts

The NeilPryde mast program is based on the Matrix System designed to assure every NeilPryde sail will perform to its highest potential when used with the specified NeilPryde mast.

The Matrix System is based around three performance levels; X35, X65 and X100. Higher performance level masts will have higher carbon content as well as use higher modulus carbon fibers. This will reduce the weight of the mast as well as significantly increase reflex speed resulting in higher performance. With the NeilPryde Matrix System you can choose a level of performance regardless of which NeilPryde sail you have and be assured that the mast/sail fit will be optimised.


The standout feature of NeilPryde masts is the unique Flex and Bend Curve. Our shorter masts are close to 'flex-top curve' while longer masts are closer to 'constant curve': this is why we call it the Progressive Flex and Bend Curve.

The distance from the mast bottom to the boom is relatively constant between all mast lengths. Short masts are supported by the boom head at a relatively higher point than long masts. To compensate for much less 'flexing length' above the boom, short masts will have a relatively softer top section compared to long ones as there is much more sail area above the boom that needs to be supported by the mast.

All NeilPryde mast models of the same size will have the same bend curve. This means you are not limited to a particular mast model to match your sail. The curve will only differ across different mast sizes, regardless of the model.

Because of the importance of the sail and mast relationship, and the complexities involved, it is essential to use a NeilPryde mast with a NeilPryde sail. This ensures you can benefit from the full wind range on offer and spend minimal time tuning. All NeilPryde masts are designed with the NeilPryde Progressive Flex and so when used with a NeilPryde sail they have the correct shaping, twist and ability to remain stable in variable conditions. Higher end carbon masts have a faster reflex response and so the mast will return to its original shape with more speed creating better acceleration, speed and control.

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