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NeilPryde X3 Windsurf Boom 160-210 2011

NeilPryde X3 Windsurf Boom 160-210 2011


NeilPryde X3 Windsurf Boom 160-210 2011NeilPryde X3 Windsurf Boom 160-210 2011NeilPryde X3 Windsurf Boom 160-210 2011NeilPryde X3 Windsurf Boom 160-210 2011
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NeilPryde X3 Windsurf Boom 160-210 2011


X3 arms made of T6 series alloy
Higher level of heat treatment attained, creating stiffer and stronger arms. Improved corrosion resistance in salt water 28mm Handgrip diameter on all 140 & 160 booms - maximum control and comfort 30mm Handgrip diameter on all 180, 200, 225 & 260 – optimum stiffness and performance

New boom lever
Reduced surface area
Lighter weight
VT-Joint lateral locating button
Locates VT joint side to side on the boom head and prevents side to side movement, while allowing articulation.
Standard on all NeilPryde booms
The VT-Joint provides a stiffer boom connection and a more responsive transmission of the sail's power while protecting the mast.
Twin-pin lever actuated trim lock adjustment system
Featured on all booms for ease of adjustment (except the X9 race booms). The Twin-Pin design provides optimal load distribution and a stiff connection between the boom body and tail end.
Nylon slide plugs in tail extensions
Reduces friction with boom arm and ensure smooth adjustability
Mast Shim
All 140 and 160 booms are delivered with a RDM mast shim.
Harness line SCALE
For easy harness lines adjustment

The Mast Cup

The mast cup interior of the VT-Joint creates a V shape that  accommodates variation in standard mast diameters without  the need for a shim.

The V shape provides a second point of contact between the  cup and the mast creating a tighter connection and a greater  transmission of power.

Slightly thinner masts simply sit further into the V while fatter  ones sit lower down.

X3-Oversized mast cup in glass fibre reinforced injection moulding
X6-Oversized mast cup in carbon fibre reinforced injection moulding
X9-Oversized mast cup in forged carbon composite material

X3 Boom

Neilpryde Windsurf
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