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Cabrinha 2016 Buying Guide

Which Cabrinha 2016 kite is right for me?

Cabrinha has seven kites in it's 2016 line-up and each one is designed to excel in different conditions & disciplines. The below chart makes it easy to see which Cabrinha 2016 kitesurf kite is best suited for your chosen style.

Cabrinha 2016 Kites Range of Use

The many different kite shapes in the Cabrinha 2016 range ensure that there is a kite suitable for any condition. Each Cabrinha 2016 kite shape offers characterists that are needed to perform in a particular style.

Cabrinha 2016 Kite Shapes

Find out more about Cabrinha 2016 Kites at their individual product listings:

Switchblade 2016

Drifter 2016

FX 2016

Radar 2016

Velocity 2016

Contra 2016

Chaos 2016

Which Cabrinha 2016 kiteboard is right for me?

The Outline of the board dictates the type of riding a board is suitable for more than any other feature.


Give good tracking thanks to their long effective edge, good water release and early planing. This type of outline works well in light wind boards when built wider as it maximizes planing surface in the smallest possible length. - STYLUS


Generate power and pop using the edge of the board rather than the power of the kite for inverted tricks. It also sits deeper in the water for a smooth, dry ride in choppy conditions. - CUSTOM, CBL, ACE


Offer sharp and responsive board control, and stability for landings. - XCALIBER, XO, ATOM, SPECTRUM


Work better for a hard edge riding style and deliver power control for carving. - TRONIC

Cabrinha 2016 Kiteboard Outlines

How are the Cabrinha 2016 twintip kiteboards constructed?

Cabrinha 2016 Kiteboard Construction

What size Cabrinha 2016 kite surfboard do I need?

Length is the first place to start when choosing a Cabrinha 2016 kite surfboard. A general rule for choosing a kite board is to ride a board which is approximately 2-3 inches smaller than your height.

Width of a kite surfboard helps determine the volume as well as how much curve the board’s outline will have. Wider boards generally have more curve (as well as more volume). Wider boards are lively under your feet, especially in lighter winds or smaller waves.

Volume is an important factor when choosing a Cabrinha 2016 surfboard. Volume is made up of a combination of length, width, and the board’s thickness. Volume is an important element, especially in lighter winds and smaller waves. However, when the wind is strong and the waves are bigger, too much volume will work against you.

Find out more about Cabrinha 2016 kite surfboards at their individual product listings:

Phenom 2016 (High Volume Performance Surf)

Proto 2016 (Performance Surf)

Secret Weapon 2016 (Surf / Freestyle Surf)

How are the Cabrinha 2016 kite surfboards constructed?

All Cabrinha 2016 surfboards are constructed with their ultra durable Bamboo Sandwich layup. This construction features a super light EPS core and bamboo reinforcement layer on both the top and bottom of the board.

Cabrinha 2016 Kite Surfboard Construction

What is the difference between GFN & RTM fins?

GFN FINS Cabrinha 2016 GFN FINS
Cabrinha's glass filled nylon (GFN) fins offer a more affordable yet durable fin option. They have a slightly softer flex throughout the entire fin which translates into a dampened ride, especially in choppy waters.
Made with a hex core and glass, this fin has a stiffer base and a moderately soft tip. The hex core fin provides excellent drive.