Fanatic Carbon 25 3-Piece SUP Paddle 2016


The supreme entry level Carbon 25 adjustable 7.25” paddle does just what it says on the tin. An excellent flex/weight ratio supplies beginner and improver paddlers alike with all the characteristics needed to progress. Having advanced from the standard Alu paddles, the Carbon 25 is available in the 165 – 220 cm adjustable length, so it can be shared amongst friends and family. A special feature is the fully integrated rubber edge rail blade protection that will keep you, your board and paddle in one piece.

Design details

  • Good flex / weight ratio
  • Easy transport and storage due to possibility of dismantling
  • Adjustable length from 165 – 220 cm
  • Fully integrated rubber rail blade protection
  • 7.25” blade
  • Available for all 3-piece paddles as extra accessory: 3-Piece Paddle Bag

Tech specs

Blade Width: 7.25 / 18.4 cm
Blade Area: 580 cm²
Blade Material: ABS Blade / Red Rubber Edge
Shaft Material: Carbon 25 % / Glass
Length: 165 – 220 cm